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Family shoot

January 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Early in January, I did a photoshoot for a family that was very dear to me.  This family is at the beginning of their cancer journey, with the mum, Michelle being diagnosed just before Christmas with Breast Cancer.  I had done some maternity photos for Mich when she was expecting her third child, and she really wanted some nice photos to put on her wall to give her inspiration.  So, we went to their favourite beach, North Curl Curl at sunrise.  The morning was delightful, and the beach had gorgeous colours, and was relatively empty.  So, we had an absolute ball, and followed it up with breakfast at Dee Why.  What a magnificent way to spent the morning.  If you are thinking of a shoot like this, then sunrise cannot be beaten.  There are so many gorgeous beaches in Sydney to choose from as well!  It has taken me a while to process these images, simply because there were so many gorgeous ones, I couldn't limit them!  So, here are your images Mich, I hope you find some here to hang on your wall and help you through your journey.  You are so full of strength and determination.  I will do as many shoots as you need to help you through, and am always a phone call away for a chat!!! 

Barton_101Barton_101 Barton_102Barton_102 Barton_103Barton_103 Barton_105Barton_105 Barton_106Barton_106 Barton_107Barton_107 Barton_108Barton_108 Barton_109Barton_109 Barton_110Barton_110 Barton_111Barton_111 Barton_112Barton_112 Barton_113Barton_113 Barton_114Barton_114 Barton_115Barton_115 Barton_116Barton_116 Barton_117Barton_117 Barton_118Barton_118 Barton_119Barton_119 Barton_120Barton_120 Barton_121Barton_121 Barton_122Barton_122 Barton_123Barton_123 Barton_124Barton_124 Barton_125Barton_125 Barton_126Barton_126 Barton_127Barton_127 Barton_128Barton_128 Barton_129Barton_129 Barton_130Barton_130 Barton_131Barton_131 Barton_132Barton_132 Barton_133Barton_133 Barton_134Barton_134 Barton_135Barton_135 Barton_136Barton_136 Barton_137Barton_137 Barton_138Barton_138 Barton_139Barton_139 Barton_140Barton_140 Barton_141Barton_141 Barton_142Barton_142 Barton_143Barton_143 Barton_144Barton_144 Barton_145Barton_145 Barton_146Barton_146 Barton_147Barton_147 Barton_148Barton_148 Barton_149Barton_149 Barton_150Barton_150 Barton_151Barton_151 Barton_152Barton_152 Barton_153Barton_153 Barton_154Barton_154 Barton_155Barton_155 Barton_156Barton_156 Barton_158Barton_158 Barton_161Barton_161 Barton_162Barton_162 Barton_163Barton_163 Barton_164Barton_164 Barton_165Barton_165 Barton_166Barton_166 Barton_167Barton_167 Barton_168Barton_168 Barton_169Barton_169 Barton_170Barton_170 Barton_171Barton_171 Barton_172Barton_172 Barton_173Barton_173 Barton_174Barton_174 Barton_175Barton_175 Barton_176Barton_176 Barton_177Barton_177 Barton_178Barton_178 Barton_179Barton_179 Barton_180Barton_180 Barton_181Barton_181 Barton_182Barton_182 Barton_183Barton_183 Barton_184Barton_184 Barton_185Barton_185 Barton_186Barton_186 Barton_187Barton_187 Barton_188Barton_188 Barton_189Barton_189 Barton_190Barton_190 Barton_191Barton_191 Barton_192Barton_192 Barton_193Barton_193 Barton_194Barton_194


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