About Kirri's Photography

I grew up in a photographic family, but my passion for photography came after I read a book called "Where the heart is"! In the book the author describes photographs the main character was taking. I started thinking about how I could capture things differently.

I love making a connection with people. Every person is beautiful and special in their own unique way. It warms my heart to show them how beautiful they really are! Capturing beautiful images that people cherish is what inspires me. Every photographic session is special, and I can remember every, single, one!
No two relationships are the same, so I want to capture images that are true to that unique relationship. I know that most people aren't comfortable in front of a camera.  So, I make sessions quick and fun while showing my clients (who I love to become great friends with) how to look great in photos!  Remember, if it feels weird, you know it is going to look amazing!

I love the feeling I get when I know I have taken a shot you are going to LOVE! That just makes me happy.

About Kirri

I live in the Hills District of Sydney and I am the mother of three spunky children. My idea of having a good time is sitting around chatting to my best friends and family.

But ... what is my goal in life? I love to help people.

How does that fit into my photography? I love to help you market your business in the best way possible. 

But ... more importantly, I love using images to stop time.  I have seen how important photos are to family ... when lives are lost too young, or memories fade in age.  Photos bring back the good times, and real times, and record your journey.  When the day turns to night, photos bring back the day.