Captured by Kirri: Blog en-us (C) Captured by Kirri (Captured by Kirri) Thu, 13 Jan 2022 04:08:00 GMT Thu, 13 Jan 2022 04:08:00 GMT Captured by Kirri: Blog 120 80 Bicentennial Park My photo challenge this week was "Sunrise" ... hmmm ... not my forte - getting up early.  Especially when I knew there was not going to be a sunrise - the sun would come up, but there wouldn't be a "Sunrise" - we have had far too much rain in Sydney/NSW this year to hope for a sunrise.  But, I found a location that wasn't too far from home that might offer a good opportunity. I had wanted to visit and photograph the shipwreck SS Ayrfield for a while. And to discover it was actually in Homebush was a bonus!  So ... off I trotted this morning to find the wreck and photograph it at sunrise.  There was no sun, but I was surprised to find how cool the wreck was!!  So, in true "Photography location scouting" tradition, I had a wander around and found some cool spots around it.  Nice spots for walking family photos.  I had found last night there is place called "Brick Pit" just around the corner from here, which has an elevated circular walkway which looked pretty cool, so I thought while I was there, I would check it out.  It is literally 3 minutes drives from the shipwreck. Its VERY high!!  But really cool.  Again, I could see kids walking shots there.  I also found just on the outside of it, an awesome path with amazing trees either side.  Looking at the area, Bicentennial Park is about a 5 minute drive from that location, so off I went to have a sticky beak. I had been here before, but hadn't really viewed it from a "photographer's" point of view before. I think I brought my kids here to play once. There are some nice spots!  Would be even nicer if the sun came out ... which of course it did when I was driving home. Typical!! lol  Have a little look around.  If you like it, it would be a great place for family photos.

Ayrfield Circuit-04Ayrfield Circuit-04 Ayrfield Circuit-05Ayrfield Circuit-05 Ayrfield Circuit-02Ayrfield Circuit-02 Ayrfield Circuit-01Ayrfield Circuit-01 Ayrfield Circuit-03Ayrfield Circuit-03 Ayrfield Circuit-06Ayrfield Circuit-06 Ayrfield Circuit-07Ayrfield Circuit-07 Ayrfield Circuit-08Ayrfield Circuit-08 Brick Pit-01Brick Pit-01 Brick Pit-02Brick Pit-02 Brick Pit-03Brick Pit-03 Brick Pit-04Brick Pit-04 Brick Pit-05Brick Pit-05 Brick Pit-06Brick Pit-06 Brick Pit-07Brick Pit-07 Bicentennial Park-02Bicentennial Park-02 Bicentennial Park-01Bicentennial Park-01 Bicentennial Park-05Bicentennial Park-05 Bicentennial Park-04Bicentennial Park-04 Bicentennial Park-03Bicentennial Park-03 Bicentennial Park-06Bicentennial Park-06 Bicentennial Park-07Bicentennial Park-07 Bicentennial Park-10Bicentennial Park-10 Bicentennial Park-08Bicentennial Park-08 Bicentennial Park-09Bicentennial Park-09 Bicentennial Park-12Bicentennial Park-12 Bicentennial Park-11Bicentennial Park-11 Bicentennial Park-13Bicentennial Park-13 Bicentennial Park-15Bicentennial Park-15 Bicentennial Park-14Bicentennial Park-14 Bicentennial Park-16Bicentennial Park-16 Bicentennial Park-17Bicentennial Park-17 Bicentennial Park-18Bicentennial Park-18 Bicentennial Park-19Bicentennial Park-19 Bicentennial Park-20Bicentennial Park-20 Bicentennial Park-21Bicentennial Park-21

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Green Square I have decided to give myself a bit more structure and fun in 2022.  So, I have decided to make my Thursdays a day for learning, adventure and fun.  I have found a photography challenge I want to do each week.  However, I also realised there are so many amazing locations in this beautiful city of Sydney that I haven't explored ... and they could make for some great photography locations.  So each Thursday, I am going to push myself with this challenge and also to find a new place to explore.  When I was making the list of options for the locations, I found the Rainbow Room at Green Square Library.  Google it, its amazing!!  So, I though what a perfect way to start!  So, I headed off, camera in hand last Thursday into the Green Square Library.  I was amazed at how anxious I was, realising how much I stick to the safety of what I know. That is when I realised this is exactly what I should be doing. I'm quite timid and shy (when I don't have a camera in my hands) but I like pushing myself because on the other side of that anxiety is where amazing things happen.  So, I found the library.  Ventured in.  A lady explained there is the library section, a lovely garden, and on the other side of that, a tower with the Rainbow Room and if you go to the top there is a view of the area.  I was allowed to take photos, but not of people and especially not kids.  No problem.  So ... down the stairs I trotted. When I went into the library, it is so funky, I just loved it!  It was bright, colourful, visually interesting, and so welcoming.  I headed for the tower .. CLOSED.  NOOOOOO!!!!!!  Today was not my day to see it.  I have to admit, I was gutted.  I went back outside to try and get a glimpse, and while my eyes could see it (and it is amazing, even from a crap vantage point), my camera could not (hence no photos of it).  Sad panda. :(  But ... the library building itself is really cool.  A triangle, then the circle garden, then the tall tower.  I then had a little look around, and what I found was awesome.  Every turn I made, there was another funky spot.  There was murals with mirrors and 3D art, there were alleyways with plants, there were alleyways with garage doors (if you know me well, you know how much I love a funky door), there were fantastic textured coloured walls, there were stunning cafes ... and then ... the architecture of the apartment buildings were so spectacular!  It really is a photograhper's paradise!  Every turn I could see where I would pose couples, families and even corporate clients.  So, if you have thought about a funky urban photoshoot, please let me know and we can go here.  I would love to show you around!!

Green Square Library-01Green Square Library-01 Green Square Library-05Green Square Library-05 Green Square Library-04Green Square Library-04 Green Square Library-02Green Square Library-02 Green Square Library-03Green Square Library-03 Green Square Library-06Green Square Library-06 Green Square-03Green Square-03 Green Square-01Green Square-01 Green Square-04Green Square-04 Green Square-02Green Square-02 Green Square-05Green Square-05 Green Square-06Green Square-06 Green Square-07Green Square-07 Green Square-08Green Square-08 Green Square-09Green Square-09 Green Square-10Green Square-10 Green Square-11Green Square-11 Green Square-14Green Square-14 Green Square-13Green Square-13 Green Square-12Green Square-12 Green Square-16Green Square-16 Green Square-15Green Square-15 Green Square-17Green Square-17 Green Square Library-07Green Square Library-07 Green Square Library-08Green Square Library-08 Green Square Aurora Cafe-01Green Square Aurora Cafe-01 Green Square Aurora Cafe-03Green Square Aurora Cafe-03 Green Square Aurora Cafe-05Green Square Aurora Cafe-05 Green Square Aurora Cafe-04Green Square Aurora Cafe-04 Green Square Aurora Cafe-02Green Square Aurora Cafe-02 Green Square Aurora Cafe-06Green Square Aurora Cafe-06 Green Square Social Society-01Green Square Social Society-01 Green Square Social Society-03Green Square Social Society-03 Green Square Social Society-04Green Square Social Society-04 Green Square Social Society-02Green Square Social Society-02 Green Square Social Society-05Green Square Social Society-05 Green Square Skye Towers-03Green Square Skye Towers-03 Green Square Skye Towers-01Green Square Skye Towers-01 Green Square Skye Towers-05Green Square Skye Towers-05 Green Square Skye Towers-02Green Square Skye Towers-02 Green Square Skye Towers-04Green Square Skye Towers-04

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Melissa Recently I did a weekend of glamour shoots in Orange.  Melissa was the first cab off the rank!  Melissa came to the shoot wanting a confidence boost.  She was so gorgeous, it was hard for me to see why she needed a confidence boost as she is an amazing woman!  Well, I hope these images give you the boost you feel you need Melissa!  You are just gorgeous!!!  Enjoy.

Melissa_101Melissa_101 Melissa_102Melissa_102 Melissa_103Melissa_103 Melissa_105Melissa_105 Melissa_104Melissa_104 Melissa_106Melissa_106 Melissa_107Melissa_107 Melissa_108Melissa_108 Melissa_109Melissa_109 Melissa_110Melissa_110 Melissa_111Melissa_111 Melissa_112Melissa_112 Melissa_113Melissa_113 Melissa_114Melissa_114 Melissa_115Melissa_115 Melissa_116Melissa_116 Melissa_117Melissa_117 Melissa_118Melissa_118 Melissa_119Melissa_119 Melissa_120Melissa_120 Melissa_121Melissa_121 Melissa_122Melissa_122 Melissa_123Melissa_123 Melissa_124Melissa_124 Melissa_125Melissa_125 Melissa_126Melissa_126 Melissa_127Melissa_127 Melissa_128Melissa_128 Melissa_129Melissa_129 Melissa_131Melissa_131 Melissa_132Melissa_132 Melissa_133Melissa_133 Melissa_134Melissa_134 Melissa_135Melissa_135 Melissa_136Melissa_136 Melissa_137Melissa_137 Melissa_138Melissa_138 Melissa_139Melissa_139 Melissa_140Melissa_140 Melissa_141Melissa_141

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I'm back! But ... Where have I been? I’m Back!  But where have I been?

You may have noticed I have been absent from Facebook and Instagram for about 2 years.  Or, you may not have noticed, but now that I have pointed it out, you are like, “oh yeah!”.

Well, briefly, here is what has been going on.

I separated from my husband in March 2019, after nearly 22 years of marriage and 3 kids.  At the time, I had my business and a one day a week part time job, just to keep some regular money coming in.

I have a very low risk personality, so this wasn’t enough for me to survive on.  So I got another part time job with a photography studio.  In July of 2019 I was offered a full time role at the studio.  This also coincided with me living on my own for the first time in my life.  So, I took the position for the stability I felt I needed. I knew it would be the end of my business as I couldn’t physically do both.  So, my business has taken a back seat as I always throw myself 150% into everything I do.

I have been very busy while working for this studio, even though we were effectively closed for a few months when Covid hit.

Working with other photographers is amazing, as you learn not only different shooting styles (and of course tips), but you also learn how another studio runs its photography business.  I have learnt so much and I am so grateful for my time there.

While there, I was also busy with my camera with over 190 shoots.  Here is what I have been doing:

1 x Christening

3 x studio shoots including a cake smash

13 x families with dogs

15 x corporate shoots

60 x outdoor family shoots

100 x newborn shoots

Dogs of the east bookDogs of the east book

I was also honoured to be a part of the “Dogs of the East” project.  In was a project in conjunction with Fortis Developments, MM  PHOTOS and Dogue where on one day, Michael (MM PHOTOS) and I photographed around 130 dogs over a 5 hour period.  It was manic!  There were the organisers, event planners, groomers, us, and of course all the owners and dogs! I photographed the white dogs on a grey background, and Michael photographed every other coloured dog on a white background.  Michael photographed more dogs on the day, but we were both absolutely flat out for the whole time.  This project has been made into a book and I am so proud to have been part of it.

As I said, I have learnt a lot from the studio and so grateful for the opportunity, stability and support.

It did allow me time to reflect and think about the photography I really love doing, and that is outdoor family shoots in beautiful sun.  So, that is what I want to focus on.

It is time for me to move on, and get back to being me, and doing the photography I love to do. So, I am back!!  So as soon as restrictions ease, I will be back in full swing and I can’t wait to see you all and how your families and have grown, and meet some new families.

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Baby Morgan When I first became interested in photography, I photographed mainly weddings, pregnancy and newborns.  I loved the moments where people's lives change.  My first full time photography job was photographing newborns, as in 2 day olds, in hospital.  I would photograph up to 8 newborns a day!  I loved it. I have photographed over 3000 newborns, in hospitals, in studio and in home.

I have slowed down on the newborns lately, but I still love the cuddles, and capturing all their little details.  There is a very rare baby that I can't settle.  I have lots of tricks up my sleeve!!!  Here are some shots from a shoot I did with Baby Morgan!  How adorable is he!!!

Morgan-131smlMorgan-131sml Morgan-107smlMorgan-107sml Morgan-201smlMorgan-201sml Morgan-210smlMorgan-210sml Morgan-115smlMorgan-115sml Morgan-234smlMorgan-234sml Morgan-119smlMorgan-119sml Morgan-248smlMorgan-248sml Morgan-243smlMorgan-243sml Morgan-122smlMorgan-122sml Morgan-135smlMorgan-135sml Morgan-141smlMorgan-141sml Morgan-206smlMorgan-206sml Morgan-128smlMorgan-128sml Morgan-220smlMorgan-220sml Morgan-225smlMorgan-225sml

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Lucas' Christening I love doing shoots for families, especially at family functions!  It's a great time to have a photographer not only capture all the precious moments, but also to get shots with all the family you don't often get to see!!!

But, one of the things I love about them is taking photos of all the styling for the function.  This christening was for an amazing stylist, who decided to get some help with this one!  So, to showcase how they put it all together, here are some of the shots.  I love getting all the little details.  People put so much effort into the setups, and after everyone has eaten everything, photos are all we have left!!

Lucas-Christening-102smlLucas-Christening-102sml Lucas-Christening-103smlLucas-Christening-103sml Lucas-Christening-104smlLucas-Christening-104sml Lucas-Christening-105smlLucas-Christening-105sml Lucas-Christening-106smlLucas-Christening-106sml Lucas-Christening-107smlLucas-Christening-107sml Lucas-Christening-114smlLucas-Christening-114sml Lucas-Christening-117smlLucas-Christening-117sml Lucas-Christening-118smlLucas-Christening-118sml Lucas-Christening-119smlLucas-Christening-119sml Lucas-Christening-120smlLucas-Christening-120sml Lucas-Christening-121smlLucas-Christening-121sml Lucas-Christening-255smlLucas-Christening-255sml Lucas-Christening-256smlLucas-Christening-256sml Lucas-Christening-257smlLucas-Christening-257sml Lucas-Christening-258smlLucas-Christening-258sml Lucas-Christening-261smlLucas-Christening-261sml Lucas-Christening-262smlLucas-Christening-262sml Lucas-Christening-350smlLucas-Christening-350sml Lucas-Christening-351smlLucas-Christening-351sml Lucas-Christening-352smlLucas-Christening-352sml Lucas-Christening-353smlLucas-Christening-353sml Lucas-Christening-354smlLucas-Christening-354sml Lucas-Christening-355smlLucas-Christening-355sml Lucas-Christening-356smlLucas-Christening-356sml Lucas-Christening-357smlLucas-Christening-357sml Lucas-Christening-358smlLucas-Christening-358sml Lucas-Christening-359smlLucas-Christening-359sml Lucas-Christening-360smlLucas-Christening-360sml Lucas-Christening-361smlLucas-Christening-361sml Lucas-Christening-366smlLucas-Christening-366sml Lucas-Christening-367smlLucas-Christening-367sml Lucas-Christening-368smlLucas-Christening-368sml Lucas-Christening-369smlLucas-Christening-369sml Lucas-Christening-370smlLucas-Christening-370sml Lucas-Christening-371smlLucas-Christening-371sml Lucas-Christening-372smlLucas-Christening-372sml Lucas-Christening-373smlLucas-Christening-373sml Lucas-Christening-374smlLucas-Christening-374sml Lucas-Christening-375smlLucas-Christening-375sml Lucas-Christening-377smlLucas-Christening-377sml Lucas-Christening-378smlLucas-Christening-378sml Lucas-Christening-379smlLucas-Christening-379sml Lucas-Christening-381smlLucas-Christening-381sml Lucas-Christening-383smlLucas-Christening-383sml Lucas-Christening-385smlLucas-Christening-385sml Lucas-Christening-387smlLucas-Christening-387sml Lucas-Christening-388smlLucas-Christening-388sml Lucas-Christening-390smlLucas-Christening-390sml Lucas-Christening-391smlLucas-Christening-391sml Lucas-Christening-392smlLucas-Christening-392sml Lucas-Christening-393smlLucas-Christening-393sml Lucas-Christening-394smlLucas-Christening-394sml Lucas-Christening-396smlLucas-Christening-396sml Lucas-Christening-397smlLucas-Christening-397sml Lucas-Christening-398smlLucas-Christening-398sml Lucas-Christening-399smlLucas-Christening-399sml Lucas-Christening-400smlLucas-Christening-400sml Lucas-Christening-402smlLucas-Christening-402sml Lucas-Christening-403smlLucas-Christening-403sml Lucas-Christening-404smlLucas-Christening-404sml Lucas-Christening-405smlLucas-Christening-405sml Lucas-Christening-406smlLucas-Christening-406sml Lucas-Christening-407smlLucas-Christening-407sml Lucas-Christening-411smlLucas-Christening-411sml Lucas-Christening-412smlLucas-Christening-412sml Lucas-Christening-413smlLucas-Christening-413sml Lucas-Christening-415smlLucas-Christening-415sml Lucas-Christening-416smlLucas-Christening-416sml Lucas-Christening-417smlLucas-Christening-417sml Lucas-Christening-419smlLucas-Christening-419sml Lucas-Christening-433smlLucas-Christening-433sml Lucas-Christening-439smlLucas-Christening-439sml Lucas-Christening-441smlLucas-Christening-441sml Lucas-Christening-443smlLucas-Christening-443sml Lucas-Christening-444smlLucas-Christening-444sml Lucas-Christening-445smlLucas-Christening-445sml Lucas-Christening-446smlLucas-Christening-446sml Lucas-Christening-447smlLucas-Christening-447sml Lucas-Christening-450smlLucas-Christening-450sml Lucas-Christening-451smlLucas-Christening-451sml Lucas-Christening-453smlLucas-Christening-453sml Lucas-Christening-454smlLucas-Christening-454sml Lucas-Christening-455smlLucas-Christening-455sml Lucas-Christening-456smlLucas-Christening-456sml Lucas-Christening-457smlLucas-Christening-457sml Lucas-Christening-458smlLucas-Christening-458sml Lucas-Christening-459smlLucas-Christening-459sml Lucas-Christening-460smlLucas-Christening-460sml Lucas-Christening-465smlLucas-Christening-465sml Lucas-Christening-467smlLucas-Christening-467sml Lucas-Christening-469smlLucas-Christening-469sml Lucas-Christening-471smlLucas-Christening-471sml Lucas-Christening-474smlLucas-Christening-474sml Lucas-Christening-475smlLucas-Christening-475sml Lucas-Christening-476smlLucas-Christening-476sml Lucas-Christening-478smlLucas-Christening-478sml Lucas-Christening-479smlLucas-Christening-479sml Lucas-Christening-485smlLucas-Christening-485sml Lucas-Christening-487smlLucas-Christening-487sml Lucas-Christening-488smlLucas-Christening-488sml Lucas-Christening-489smlLucas-Christening-489sml Lucas-Christening-491smlLucas-Christening-491sml Lucas-Christening-492smlLucas-Christening-492sml Lucas-Christening-495smlLucas-Christening-495sml Lucas-Christening-496smlLucas-Christening-496sml Lucas-Christening-498smlLucas-Christening-498sml Lucas-Christening-501smlLucas-Christening-501sml Lucas-Christening-508smlLucas-Christening-508sml Lucas-Christening-509smlLucas-Christening-509sml Lucas-Christening-510smlLucas-Christening-510sml Lucas-Christening-513smlLucas-Christening-513sml Lucas-Christening-518smlLucas-Christening-518sml Lucas-Christening-536smlLucas-Christening-536sml Lucas-Christening-541smlLucas-Christening-541sml

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Melbourne August2018 My children have never been on a plane.  I've never been in a position to be able to take them all anywhere.  So, I decided that I would take them individually, making a special trip for each child.  Just some mummy-child alone time.  My first trip was to Melbourne in August 2018 with my daughter, Mia.  She is 11, and my middle child.  I wanted to make it special so I searched in Pinterest for all the cool places and one by one, we explored and found them.  Her first experience on a plane was pretty good, and while she was nervous, she was amazing.  She just did some amazing drawings on the plane.  She was lots of fun to travel with.  In our exploration of this beautiful city of Melbourne, we explored using trams and walking.  She did get annoyed with me taking lots of photos, but that is what travelling with a photographer is all about! So, here are some of my photos from my Melbourne trip with my girl.  I think one of the most memorable things we did was go to Philip Island to see the penguins.  Of course, you are not allowed to take photos there, so I took the opportunity to 100% be in the moment.

Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-101smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-101sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-102smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-102sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-103smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-103sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-104smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-104sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-105smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-105sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-106smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-106sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-108smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-108sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-110smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-110sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-111smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-111sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-112smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-112sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-113smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-113sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-117smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-117sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-118smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-118sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-120smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-120sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-119smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-119sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-126smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-126sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-128smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-128sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-130smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-130sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-131smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-131sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-132smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-132sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-137smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-137sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-139smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-139sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-141smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-141sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-142smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-142sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-143smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-143sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-146smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-146sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-149smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-149sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-150smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-150sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-152smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-152sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-159smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-159sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-169smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-169sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-170smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-170sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-173smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-173sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-184smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-184sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-191smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-191sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-193smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-193sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-196smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-196sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-197smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-197sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-199smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-199sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-210smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-210sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-211smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-211sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-212smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-212sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-225smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-225sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-227smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-227sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-228smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-228sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-229smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-229sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-231smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-231sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-234smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-234sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-235smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-235sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-236smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-236sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-237smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-237sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-238smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-238sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-240smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-240sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-239smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-239sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-243smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-243sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-245smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-245sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-247smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-247sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-248smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-248sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-250smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-250sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-254smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-254sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-255smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-255sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-257smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-257sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-259smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-259sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-261smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-261sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-262smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-262sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-265smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-265sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-267smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-267sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-266smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-266sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-268smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-268sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-269smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-269sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-271smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-271sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-273smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-273sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-274smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-274sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-276smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-276sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-275smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-275sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-277smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-277sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-278smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-278sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-283smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-283sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-284smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-284sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-285smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-285sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-286smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-286sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-287smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-287sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-288smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-288sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-291smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-291sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-295smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-295sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-294smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-294sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-298smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-298sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-302smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-302sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-307smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-307sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-311smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-311sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-310smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-310sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-313smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-313sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-316smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-316sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-315smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-315sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-317smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-317sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-320smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-320sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-321smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-321sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-322smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-322sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-323smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-323sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-328smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-328sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-329smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-329sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-333smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-333sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-336smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-336sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-340smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-340sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-344smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-344sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-343smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-343sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-348smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-348sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-350smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-350sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-346smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-346sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-352smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-352sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-354smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-354sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-356smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-356sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-355smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-355sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-357smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-357sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-361smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-361sml Melbourne-Aug18-Mia-365smlMelbourne-Aug18-Mia-365sml

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Brisbane I went to Brisbane recently for work, but then having not really been to Brisbane before, then had the amazing experience of spending a day with photography tour guides (Curious Engine Photography Experience) who showed us around the town.  It was a great day, Brisbane certainly is visually very cool!  So, here are some of the shots I got on the day.

Brisbane-101smlBrisbane-101sml Brisbane-102smlBrisbane-102sml Brisbane-103smlBrisbane-103sml Brisbane-104smlBrisbane-104sml Brisbane-105smlBrisbane-105sml Brisbane-106smlBrisbane-106sml Brisbane-107smlBrisbane-107sml Brisbane-108smlBrisbane-108sml Brisbane-109smlBrisbane-109sml Brisbane-110smlBrisbane-110sml Brisbane-111smlBrisbane-111sml Brisbane-112smlBrisbane-112sml Brisbane-113smlBrisbane-113sml Brisbane-114smlBrisbane-114sml Brisbane-115smlBrisbane-115sml Brisbane-116smlBrisbane-116sml Brisbane-117smlBrisbane-117sml Brisbane-118smlBrisbane-118sml Brisbane-119smlBrisbane-119sml Brisbane-120smlBrisbane-120sml Brisbane-121smlBrisbane-121sml Brisbane-122smlBrisbane-122sml Brisbane-123smlBrisbane-123sml Brisbane-124smlBrisbane-124sml Brisbane-125smlBrisbane-125sml Brisbane-126smlBrisbane-126sml Brisbane-127smlBrisbane-127sml Brisbane-128smlBrisbane-128sml Brisbane-129smlBrisbane-129sml Brisbane-130smlBrisbane-130sml Brisbane-131smlBrisbane-131sml Brisbane-132smlBrisbane-132sml Brisbane-133smlBrisbane-133sml Brisbane-134smlBrisbane-134sml Brisbane-135smlBrisbane-135sml Brisbane-136smlBrisbane-136sml Brisbane-137smlBrisbane-137sml Brisbane-138smlBrisbane-138sml Brisbane-139smlBrisbane-139sml Brisbane-158smlBrisbane-158sml Brisbane-159smlBrisbane-159sml Brisbane-160smlBrisbane-160sml Brisbane-161smlBrisbane-161sml Brisbane-162smlBrisbane-162sml Brisbane-165smlBrisbane-165sml Brisbane-166smlBrisbane-166sml Brisbane-167smlBrisbane-167sml Brisbane-168smlBrisbane-168sml Brisbane-169smlBrisbane-169sml Brisbane-170smlBrisbane-170sml Brisbane-171smlBrisbane-171sml Brisbane-172smlBrisbane-172sml Brisbane-175smlBrisbane-175sml Brisbane-176smlBrisbane-176sml Brisbane-183smlBrisbane-183sml Brisbane-184smlBrisbane-184sml Brisbane-185smlBrisbane-185sml Brisbane-186smlBrisbane-186sml Brisbane-187smlBrisbane-187sml Brisbane-188smlBrisbane-188sml Brisbane-189smlBrisbane-189sml Brisbane-190smlBrisbane-190sml Brisbane-191smlBrisbane-191sml Brisbane-192smlBrisbane-192sml Brisbane-193smlBrisbane-193sml Brisbane-140smlBrisbane-140sml Brisbane-141smlBrisbane-141sml Brisbane-142smlBrisbane-142sml Brisbane-143smlBrisbane-143sml Brisbane-144smlBrisbane-144sml Brisbane-145smlBrisbane-145sml Brisbane-146smlBrisbane-146sml Brisbane-147smlBrisbane-147sml Brisbane-148smlBrisbane-148sml Brisbane-149smlBrisbane-149sml Brisbane-150smlBrisbane-150sml Brisbane-151smlBrisbane-151sml Brisbane-152smlBrisbane-152sml Brisbane-153smlBrisbane-153sml Brisbane-154smlBrisbane-154sml Brisbane-155smlBrisbane-155sml Brisbane-156smlBrisbane-156sml Brisbane-157smlBrisbane-157sml Brisbane-177smlBrisbane-177sml Brisbane-178smlBrisbane-178sml Brisbane-179smlBrisbane-179sml Brisbane-180smlBrisbane-180sml Brisbane-181smlBrisbane-181sml Brisbane-182smlBrisbane-182sml

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Joya's Cake Smash So, what happens when you mix 3 gorgeous girls, stunning outfits, pretty hair, headbands, balloons, cake and a bath?  A stunning photo shoot!!  Joya is turning 1 and Mum wanted some shots to show off at her first birthday party.  So, with the help of Kayter Co, this gorgeous setup was created and fun was had.  Here is a sample of what we got on the day.  I hope you like it!

Joya-105Joya-105 Joya-107Joya-107 Joya-118Joya-118 Joya-122Joya-122 Joya-125Joya-125 Joya-139Joya-139 Joya-141Joya-141 Joya-143Joya-143 Joya-154Joya-154 Joya-161Joya-161 Joya-169Joya-169 Joya-176Joya-176 Joya-180Joya-180 Joya-188Joya-188 Joya-196Joya-196 Joya-198Joya-198 Joya-207Joya-207 Joya-208Joya-208 Joya-215Joya-215 Joya-217Joya-217 Joya-226Joya-226 Joya-230Joya-230 Joya-237Joya-237 Joya-244Joya-244 Joya-253Joya-253 Joya-254Joya-254 Joya-255Joya-255 Joya-259Joya-259 Joya-268Joya-268 Joya-270Joya-270 Joya-272Joya-272 Joya-278Joya-278 Joya-284Joya-284 Joya-287Joya-287 Joya-295Joya-295

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Tim and Jordan got Engaged A few months back, I received an email from Tim asking if I would be interested in photographing his proposal to his girlfriend, Jordan.  Interested??? "Of course!" I replied!  So, over the next few months, there were several emails back and forth between Tim and myself, going over locations, good setup positions at the location, where he needs to stand, where I can hide, timing and rainy weather back up plan.  Then ... the day arrived.  I got nervous texts from him during the day ... the last one being, "Leaving restaurant in 5.  See you soon!  Please don't reply".  Up to this point, I hadn't met Tim, but I felt like I had.  I was so excited and anxious for him.  I was literally hiding in the bushes.  I have photographed proposals before, 20 of them in fact.  And each one, those moments before they arrive are the most nerve wrecking.  When they finally arrive, it is so exciting.  I am literally about to watch their lives change!  The bended knee, the tears, the shock, the squeal!  It is so fantastic.  For Tim and Jordan, they also got to share it with their family.  When the question had been asked, I got to text Jordan's mum to say it was all good for them to come out!  Both families appeared and there were more tears, more shock and more squeals.  It was such a lovely moment. I then followed Tim and Jordan as they went for their first walk around this amazing property as an engaged couple.  The sky was pretty awesome that night. So, here are the photos of their proposal.  It is such a lovely story.

Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-101Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-101 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-102Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-102 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-104Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-104 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-105Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-105 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-106Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-106 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-110Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-110 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-112Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-112 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-113Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-113 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-114Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-114 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-116Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-116 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-118Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-118 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-119Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-119 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-120Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-120 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-122Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-122 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-125Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-125 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-128Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-128 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-130Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-130 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-132Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-132 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-136Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-136 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-140Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-140 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-144Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-144 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-148Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-148 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-150Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-150 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-155Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-155 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-158Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-158 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-160Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-160 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-163Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-163 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-166Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-166 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-168Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-168 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-172Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-172 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-181Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-181 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-183Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-183 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-184Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-184 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-187Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-187 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-189Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-189 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-191Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-191 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-192Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-192 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-194Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-194 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-195Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-195 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-196Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-196 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-197Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-197 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-200Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-200 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-204Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-204 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-206Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-206 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-207Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-207 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-208Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-208 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-209Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-209 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-210Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-210 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-211Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-211 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-213Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-213 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-214Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-214 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-222Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-222 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-225Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-225 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-226Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-226 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-228Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-228 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-229Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-229 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-230Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-230 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-236Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-236 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-237Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-237 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-239Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-239 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-240Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-240 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-242Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-242 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-244Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-244 Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-245Tim&JordanProposal-22Dec2017-245

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Jess and Charbel Jess contacted me wanting a shoot just before her wedding to Charbel so they could have a nice photo to show at their reception.  We did the shoot at the Grounds of Alexandria.  To say that this is one of my favourite shoots EVER would be an understatement.  You can see how much they love each other, how comfortable they are around each other and how much fun we had.  I think my heart sang a little every time I clicked the shutter because I knew I had captured something AMAZING.  And to top it off, Jess was wearing the most fantastic red stilettoes!  I loved them!  So sparkly!  Have a look through the images, I dare you to pick a favourite, because I can't!!


Jess-Charbel-103Jess-Charbel-103 Jess-Charbel-104Jess-Charbel-104 Jess-Charbel-108Jess-Charbel-108 Jess-Charbel-109Jess-Charbel-109 Jess-Charbel-112Jess-Charbel-112 Jess-Charbel-115Jess-Charbel-115 Jess-Charbel-117Jess-Charbel-117 Jess-Charbel-119Jess-Charbel-119 Jess-Charbel-122Jess-Charbel-122 Jess-Charbel-126Jess-Charbel-126 Jess-Charbel-129Jess-Charbel-129 Jess-Charbel-130Jess-Charbel-130 Jess-Charbel-131Jess-Charbel-131 Jess-Charbel-133Jess-Charbel-133 Jess-Charbel-134Jess-Charbel-134 Jess-Charbel-136Jess-Charbel-136 Jess-Charbel-142Jess-Charbel-142 Jess-Charbel-143Jess-Charbel-143 Jess-Charbel-146Jess-Charbel-146 Jess-Charbel-147Jess-Charbel-147 Jess-Charbel-152Jess-Charbel-152 Jess-Charbel-154Jess-Charbel-154 Jess-Charbel-156Jess-Charbel-156 Jess-Charbel-158Jess-Charbel-158 Jess-Charbel-163Jess-Charbel-163 Jess-Charbel-165Jess-Charbel-165 Jess-Charbel-171Jess-Charbel-171 Jess-Charbel-174Jess-Charbel-174 Jess-Charbel-177Jess-Charbel-177 Jess-Charbel-179Jess-Charbel-179 Jess-Charbel-182Jess-Charbel-182 Jess-Charbel-183Jess-Charbel-183 Jess-Charbel-185Jess-Charbel-185 Jess-Charbel-186Jess-Charbel-186 Jess-Charbel-189Jess-Charbel-189 Jess-Charbel-191Jess-Charbel-191 Jess-Charbel-192Jess-Charbel-192 Jess-Charbel-193Jess-Charbel-193 Jess-Charbel-196Jess-Charbel-196 Jess-Charbel-198Jess-Charbel-198 Jess-Charbel-199Jess-Charbel-199 Jess-Charbel-200Jess-Charbel-200 Jess-Charbel-202Jess-Charbel-202 Jess-Charbel-204Jess-Charbel-204 Jess-Charbel-206Jess-Charbel-206 Jess-Charbel-209Jess-Charbel-209 Jess-Charbel-210Jess-Charbel-210 Jess-Charbel-211Jess-Charbel-211 Jess-Charbel-214Jess-Charbel-214 Jess-Charbel-215Jess-Charbel-215 Jess-Charbel-217Jess-Charbel-217 Jess-Charbel-219Jess-Charbel-219 Jess-Charbel-222Jess-Charbel-222 Jess-Charbel-226Jess-Charbel-226 Jess-Charbel-230Jess-Charbel-230 Jess-Charbel-234Jess-Charbel-234 Jess-Charbel-235Jess-Charbel-235 Jess-Charbel-236Jess-Charbel-236 Jess-Charbel-238Jess-Charbel-238 Jess-Charbel-240Jess-Charbel-240 Jess-Charbel-242Jess-Charbel-242

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Doors of the World When I was overseas last year with my Dad, I became quite obsessed with doors/windows/arches.  I noticed how different they are to the boring ones we have in Australia.  We don't make a feature of them here.  But in Europe, they do, and they are stunning. I took my first "door" photo in Crail, a tiny fishing village in Scotland.  And then it started.  I began taking photos of all sorts of doors, windows, arches, stairs, stairways, details of building, everything that caught my eye.  The doors were so ornate, strong, imposing.  The windows seemed to cheery with their window boxes and flowers. The colours were just fantastic!  It got to the point that when we were looking through all the photos I processed from the trip (over 1300 of them), my family would yell out ... "Another door!" when they saw another photo.  I think they are really cool.  So, here are my "door" photos. I hope you like them as much as I do. I just wish I had started taking them earlier to have a complete collection.

0622-03-Crail-1160622-03-Crail-116 0620-01-Luss-1130620-01-Luss-113 0621-02-DunveganCastle-1020621-02-DunveganCastle-102 0619-05-Stirling-1090619-05-Stirling-109 0620-01-Luss-1090620-01-Luss-109 0619-02-Rydal-1200619-02-Rydal-120 0622-03-Crail-1190622-03-Crail-119 0622-06-StMonans-1040622-06-StMonans-104 0622-06-StMonans-1090622-06-StMonans-109 0622-06-StMonans-1150622-06-StMonans-115 0623-01-EdinburgCastle-1180623-01-EdinburgCastle-118 0622-05-Pittenweem-1050622-05-Pittenweem-105 0623-01-EdinburgCastle-1230623-01-EdinburgCastle-123 0623-02-Edinburg-1120623-02-Edinburg-112 0623-03-BotanicGardens-1070623-03-BotanicGardens-107 0623-02-Edinburg-1040623-02-Edinburg-104 0623-03-BotanicGardens-1300623-03-BotanicGardens-130 0624-02-StAndrews-1080624-02-StAndrews-108 0624-02-StAndrews-1030624-02-StAndrews-103 0624-02-StAndrews-1110624-02-StAndrews-111 0624-02-StAndrews-1120624-02-StAndrews-112 0624-02-StAndrews-1090624-02-StAndrews-109 0624-02-StAndrews-1280624-02-StAndrews-128 0624-02-StAndrews-1220624-02-StAndrews-122 0624-02-StAndrews-1330624-02-StAndrews-133 0624-02-StAndrews-1150624-02-StAndrews-115 0624-02-StAndrews-1350624-02-StAndrews-135 0624-02-StAndrews-1610624-02-StAndrews-161 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1120626-01-CeskyKromlov-112 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1220626-01-CeskyKromlov-122 0624-02-StAndrews-1300624-02-StAndrews-130 0624-02-StAndrews-1590624-02-StAndrews-159 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1390626-01-CeskyKromlov-139 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1400626-01-CeskyKromlov-140 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1410626-01-CeskyKromlov-141 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1440626-01-CeskyKromlov-144 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1500626-01-CeskyKromlov-150 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1600626-01-CeskyKromlov-160 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1610626-01-CeskyKromlov-161 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1640626-01-CeskyKromlov-164 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1450626-01-CeskyKromlov-145 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1630626-01-CeskyKromlov-163 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1690626-01-CeskyKromlov-169 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1720626-01-CeskyKromlov-172 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1740626-01-CeskyKromlov-174 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1750626-01-CeskyKromlov-175 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1760626-01-CeskyKromlov-176 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1710626-01-CeskyKromlov-171 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1770626-01-CeskyKromlov-177 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1790626-01-CeskyKromlov-179 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1800626-01-CeskyKromlov-180 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1810626-01-CeskyKromlov-181 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1820626-01-CeskyKromlov-182 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1830626-01-CeskyKromlov-183 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1870626-01-CeskyKromlov-187 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1880626-01-CeskyKromlov-188 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1900626-01-CeskyKromlov-190 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-1940626-01-CeskyKromlov-194 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-2010626-01-CeskyKromlov-201 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-2070626-01-CeskyKromlov-207 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-2090626-01-CeskyKromlov-209 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-2130626-01-CeskyKromlov-213 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-2150626-01-CeskyKromlov-215 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-2260626-01-CeskyKromlov-226 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-2270626-01-CeskyKromlov-227 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-2280626-01-CeskyKromlov-228 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-2290626-01-CeskyKromlov-229 0626-01-CeskyKromlov-2320626-01-CeskyKromlov-232 0627-01-Prague-1200627-01-Prague-120 0627-01-Prague-1090627-01-Prague-109 0627-01-Prague-1240627-01-Prague-124 0627-01-Prague-1220627-01-Prague-122 0627-01-Prague-1260627-01-Prague-126 0627-01-Prague-1280627-01-Prague-128 0627-01-Prague-1290627-01-Prague-129 0627-01-Prague-1310627-01-Prague-131 0627-01-Prague-1320627-01-Prague-132 0627-01-Prague-1340627-01-Prague-134 0627-01-Prague-1380627-01-Prague-138 0627-01-Prague-1230627-01-Prague-123 0627-01-Prague-2000627-01-Prague-200 0627-01-Prague-1850627-01-Prague-185 0627-01-Prague-2080627-01-Prague-208 0627-01-Prague-1830627-01-Prague-183 0627-01-Prague-2100627-01-Prague-210 0627-01-Prague-2200627-01-Prague-220 0627-01-Prague-2220627-01-Prague-222 0627-01-Prague-2210627-01-Prague-221 0627-01-Prague-2420627-01-Prague-242 0627-01-Prague-2390627-01-Prague-239 0627-01-Prague-2580627-01-Prague-258 0628-01-Prague-1070628-01-Prague-107 0628-01-Prague-1080628-01-Prague-108 0628-01-Prague-1120628-01-Prague-112 0627-01-Prague-2070627-01-Prague-207 0628-01-Prague-1140628-01-Prague-114 0628-01-Prague-1150628-01-Prague-115 0628-01-Prague-1220628-01-Prague-122 0628-01-Prague-2040628-01-Prague-204 0628-01-Prague-2110628-01-Prague-211 0628-01-Prague-1380628-01-Prague-138 0628-01-Prague-2140628-01-Prague-214 0628-01-Prague-2170628-01-Prague-217 0628-01-Prague-1250628-01-Prague-125 0628-01-Prague-2180628-01-Prague-218 0628-01-Prague-2200628-01-Prague-220 0628-01-Prague-2430628-01-Prague-243 0628-01-Prague-2570628-01-Prague-257 0628-01-Prague-2540628-01-Prague-254 0628-01-Prague-2280628-01-Prague-228 0628-01-Prague-2690628-01-Prague-269 0628-01-Prague-2720628-01-Prague-272 0628-01-Prague-2790628-01-Prague-279 0628-01-Prague-2800628-01-Prague-280 0628-01-Prague-2920628-01-Prague-292 0628-01-Prague-2850628-01-Prague-285 0628-01-Prague-3120628-01-Prague-312 0628-01-Prague-2880628-01-Prague-288 0628-01-Prague-2830628-01-Prague-283 0702-02-GardensOnTheBay-1120702-02-GardensOnTheBay-112  


(Captured by Kirri) arches cesky kromlov changi crail czech details doors dunvegan edinburg europe hills luss photographer pittenweem prague rydal scotland st andrews st monans stairs stairway stirling sydney travel windows Mon, 15 Jan 2018 01:43:11 GMT
Cake Smash Today I was honoured to take photos of a cake smash for some clients I have done several shoots for previously.  It is always so fantastic to see my clients' families grow and add new family members.  So, today was their second cake smash session!  We had so much fun, there was lots of bubbles, cream, and laughter, as well as a smashed cake!!  

I hope you enjoy the photos.  If you would like to have a cake smash session, then please contact me on 0419 006 267.


Chichizola_170Chichizola_170 Chichizola_124Chichizola_124 Chichizola_132Chichizola_132 Chichizola_131Chichizola_131 Chichizola_109Chichizola_109 Chichizola_127Chichizola_127 Chichizola_125Chichizola_125 Chichizola_102Chichizola_102 Chichizola_110Chichizola_110 Chichizola_142Chichizola_142 Chichizola_121Chichizola_121 Chichizola_116Chichizola_116

(Captured by Kirri) 1st birthday bath tub birthday brothers bubbles cake cake smash candle cream dad daddy family father hills mother mum mummy party photographer son sons sydney toddler Sat, 14 Mar 2015 12:16:56 GMT
Baby Marco I did some photos for Baby Marco - he was a very big bub, but oh my!!  How gorgeous is he!!!  He has a spunky big brother too and his parents are so lovely.  I had a wonderful time with their family, and so honoured to capture these photos for them.  And yes, I had a concert at the end of the shoot! :)

If you would like some newborn photos, please call me on 0419 006 267.

Muscat-131Muscat-131 Muscat-125Muscat-125 Muscat-222Muscat-222 Muscat-133Muscat-133 Muscat-236Muscat-236 Muscat-135Muscat-135 Muscat-141Muscat-141 Muscat-103Muscat-103 Muscat-213Muscat-213 Muscat-101Muscat-101 Muscat-147Muscat-147

(Captured by Kirri) family hills newborn photographer photos son sydney toddler Sun, 01 Mar 2015 11:18:58 GMT
Couple sunrise shoot The day after Valentine's day, I did a shoot for a gorgeous couple who wanted to celebrate their time in Australia before they moved back to Ireland.  Unfortunately, the sun just did not want to play that morning!  However, we got some gorgeous photos at their favourite beach, Bronte!  All the best for your move back to Ireland, Lisa and Dermott!  Enjoy your photos.

Couple-101Couple-101 Couple-108Couple-108 Couple-109Couple-109 Couple-114Couple-114 Couple-118Couple-118 Couple-122Couple-122 Couple-123Couple-123 Couple-129Couple-129 Couple-238Couple-238

(Captured by Kirri) Bronte beach cliffs couple hills photographer photos rocks sand sun sunrise sydney Sun, 01 Mar 2015 11:10:05 GMT
Julian's Newborn Shoot I did some photos for the gorgeous little Julian this week.  He had a gorgeous older brother as well, and we had lots of fun together.  Here is a sneak peek of their gallery!  If you would like some newborn photos, please call me on 0419 006 267. Mohandas-237Mohandas-237

Mohandas-126Mohandas-126 Mohandas-101Mohandas-101 Mohandas-116Mohandas-116 Mohandas-239Mohandas-239 Mohandas-129Mohandas-129 Mohandas-142Mohandas-142

(Captured by Kirri) brothers family hills newborn photographer photos sibling son sydney toddler Thu, 19 Feb 2015 05:21:04 GMT
Family shoot Early in January, I did a photoshoot for a family that was very dear to me.  This family is at the beginning of their cancer journey, with the mum, Michelle being diagnosed just before Christmas with Breast Cancer.  I had done some maternity photos for Mich when she was expecting her third child, and she really wanted some nice photos to put on her wall to give her inspiration.  So, we went to their favourite beach, North Curl Curl at sunrise.  The morning was delightful, and the beach had gorgeous colours, and was relatively empty.  So, we had an absolute ball, and followed it up with breakfast at Dee Why.  What a magnificent way to spent the morning.  If you are thinking of a shoot like this, then sunrise cannot be beaten.  There are so many gorgeous beaches in Sydney to choose from as well!  It has taken me a while to process these images, simply because there were so many gorgeous ones, I couldn't limit them!  So, here are your images Mich, I hope you find some here to hang on your wall and help you through your journey.  You are so full of strength and determination.  I will do as many shoots as you need to help you through, and am always a phone call away for a chat!!! 

Barton_101Barton_101 Barton_102Barton_102 Barton_103Barton_103 Barton_105Barton_105 Barton_106Barton_106 Barton_107Barton_107 Barton_108Barton_108 Barton_109Barton_109 Barton_110Barton_110 Barton_111Barton_111 Barton_112Barton_112 Barton_113Barton_113 Barton_114Barton_114 Barton_115Barton_115 Barton_116Barton_116 Barton_117Barton_117 Barton_118Barton_118 Barton_119Barton_119 Barton_120Barton_120 Barton_121Barton_121 Barton_122Barton_122 Barton_123Barton_123 Barton_124Barton_124 Barton_125Barton_125 Barton_126Barton_126 Barton_127Barton_127 Barton_128Barton_128 Barton_129Barton_129 Barton_130Barton_130 Barton_131Barton_131 Barton_132Barton_132 Barton_133Barton_133 Barton_134Barton_134 Barton_135Barton_135 Barton_136Barton_136 Barton_137Barton_137 Barton_138Barton_138 Barton_139Barton_139 Barton_140Barton_140 Barton_141Barton_141 Barton_142Barton_142 Barton_143Barton_143 Barton_144Barton_144 Barton_145Barton_145 Barton_146Barton_146 Barton_147Barton_147 Barton_148Barton_148 Barton_149Barton_149 Barton_150Barton_150 Barton_151Barton_151 Barton_152Barton_152 Barton_153Barton_153 Barton_154Barton_154 Barton_155Barton_155 Barton_156Barton_156 Barton_158Barton_158 Barton_161Barton_161 Barton_162Barton_162 Barton_163Barton_163 Barton_164Barton_164 Barton_165Barton_165 Barton_166Barton_166 Barton_167Barton_167 Barton_168Barton_168 Barton_169Barton_169 Barton_170Barton_170 Barton_171Barton_171 Barton_172Barton_172 Barton_173Barton_173 Barton_174Barton_174 Barton_175Barton_175 Barton_176Barton_176 Barton_177Barton_177 Barton_178Barton_178 Barton_179Barton_179 Barton_180Barton_180 Barton_181Barton_181 Barton_182Barton_182 Barton_183Barton_183 Barton_184Barton_184 Barton_185Barton_185 Barton_186Barton_186 Barton_187Barton_187 Barton_188Barton_188 Barton_189Barton_189 Barton_190Barton_190 Barton_191Barton_191 Barton_192Barton_192 Barton_193Barton_193 Barton_194Barton_194

(Captured by Kirri) North Curl Curl battle beach breast cancer cancer daughters family hills husband inspiration journey morning motivation photographer son sun sun flare sunrise wife Tue, 27 Jan 2015 12:23:41 GMT
Venus Hearts Isaiah I attended a charity function recently run by Venus Hearts Isaiah.  Venus is a very talented fashion designer.  She was running a charity event for Oasis Youth Support Network for students who had graduated under difficult circumstances.  She also had some of her garments and accessories available for sale!  So, we had some fun and did a bit of a fashion show!  Here are some images from the event.  If you have an event that you would like photographed, please call me on 0419 006 267.

VHI_101VHI_101 VHI_102VHI_102 VHI_103VHI_103 VHI_104VHI_104 VHI_105VHI_105 VHI_107VHI_107 VHI_106VHI_106 VHI_108VHI_108 VHI_109VHI_109 VHI_110VHI_110 VHI_111VHI_111 VHI_112VHI_112 VHI_113VHI_113 VHI_114VHI_114 VHI_115VHI_115 VHI_116VHI_116 VHI_117VHI_117 VHI_118VHI_118 VHI_119VHI_119 VHI_120VHI_120 VHI_121VHI_121 VHI_122VHI_122 VHI_123VHI_123 VHI_124VHI_124 VHI_126VHI_126 VHI_125VHI_125 VHI_127VHI_127 VHI_128VHI_128 VHI_129VHI_129 VHI_130VHI_130 VHI_131VHI_131 VHI_132VHI_132 VHI_133VHI_133 VHI_134VHI_134 VHI_135VHI_135 VHI_136VHI_136 VHI_137VHI_137 VHI_138VHI_138 VHI_139VHI_139 VHI_140VHI_140 VHI_141VHI_141 VHI_142VHI_142 VHI_143VHI_143 VHI_144VHI_144 VHI_145VHI_145 VHI_146VHI_146 VHI_147VHI_147 VHI_148VHI_148 VHI_149VHI_149 VHI_150VHI_150 VHI_151VHI_151 VHI_152VHI_152 VHI_153VHI_153 VHI_154VHI_154 VHI_155VHI_155 VHI_156VHI_156 VHI_157VHI_157 VHI_158VHI_158 VHI_159VHI_159 VHI_160VHI_160 VHI_161VHI_161 VHI_162VHI_162 VHI_163VHI_163 VHI_164VHI_164 VHI_165VHI_165 VHI_166VHI_166 VHI_167VHI_167 VHI_168VHI_168 VHI_169VHI_169 VHI_170VHI_170 VHI_171VHI_171 VHI_172VHI_172 VHI_173VHI_173 VHI_174VHI_174 VHI_175VHI_175 VHI_176VHI_176 VHI_177VHI_177 VHI_179VHI_179 VHI_178VHI_178 VHI_180VHI_180 VHI_181VHI_181 VHI_183VHI_183 VHI_182VHI_182 VHI_184VHI_184 VHI_185VHI_185 VHI_186VHI_186 VHI_187VHI_187 VHI_188VHI_188 VHI_189VHI_189 VHI_190VHI_190 VHI_191VHI_191

(Captured by Kirri) Green Park Darlinghurst Oasis Quirky Nails Venus Hearts Isaiah art boxes dresses fashion graduation nails presents Wed, 31 Dec 2014 12:53:09 GMT
Sarah and Trent (and dogs) I am not a morning person, AT ALL!  Lol.  But when the opportunity came up to take some sunrise photos of a gorgeous couple and their dogs, I jumped at the chance.  The sunrise didn't want to play exactly how we wanted, but it has rained non stop for about a week (and the week following) but didn't rain for about 5 hours around when we did our shoot!  How we managed that, I do not know!  This is a long blog, as there were so many awesome photos.  Take 4 participants, and several locations, and well, what you have is some gorgeous combinations of colours!  I hope you enjoy them.  If you would like some photos like these, please call me on 0419 006 267.

SS_101SS_101 SS_102SS_102 SS_103SS_103 SS_104SS_104 SS_105SS_105 SS_106SS_106 SS_107SS_107 SS_108SS_108 SS_109SS_109 SS_110SS_110 SS_111SS_111 SS_112SS_112 SS_113SS_113 SS_114SS_114 SS_115SS_115 SS_116SS_116 SS_117SS_117 SS_118SS_118 SS_119_2SS_119_2 SS_120SS_120 SS_121SS_121 SS_122SS_122 SS_123SS_123 SS_124SS_124 SS_125SS_125 SS_126SS_126 SS_127SS_127 SS_128SS_128 SS_129SS_129 SS_130SS_130 SS_131SS_131 SS_132SS_132 SS_133SS_133 SS_134SS_134 SS_135SS_135 SS_136_2SS_136_2 SS_137SS_137 SS_138SS_138 SS_139SS_139 SS_140SS_140 SS_141SS_141 SS_142SS_142 SS_143SS_143 SS_144SS_144 SS_145SS_145 SS_146SS_146 SS_147SS_147 SS_148SS_148 SS_149SS_149 SS_150SS_150 SS_151SS_151 SS_152SS_152 SS_153SS_153 SS_154SS_154 SS_155SS_155 SS_156SS_156 SS_157SS_157 SS_158SS_158 SS_159SS_159 SS_160SS_160 SS_161SS_161 SS_162SS_162 SS_163SS_163 SS_164SS_164 SS_166SS_166 SS_165SS_165 SS_167SS_167 SS_168SS_168 SS_169SS_169 SS_170SS_170 SS_171SS_171 SS_172SS_172 SS_173SS_173 SS_174SS_174 SS_175SS_175 SS_176SS_176 SS_177SS_177 SS_178SS_178 SS_179SS_179 SS_180SS_180 SS_181SS_181 SS_182SS_182 SS_183SS_183 SS_184SS_184 SS_186SS_186 SS_185SS_185 SS_187SS_187 SS_188SS_188 SS_189SS_189 SS_190SS_190 SS_191SS_191 SS_192SS_192 SS_193SS_193 SS_194SS_194 SS_195SS_195 SS_196SS_196 SS_197SS_197 SS_198SS_198 SS_199SS_199 SS_200SS_200 SS_201SS_201 SS_202SS_202 SS_203SS_203 SS_204SS_204 SS_205SS_205 SS_206SS_206 SS_208SS_208 SS_207SS_207 SS_209_2SS_209_2 SS_210SS_210 SS_211SS_211 SS_212SS_212 SS_213SS_213 SS_214SS_214 SS_215SS_215 SS_216SS_216 SS_217SS_217 SS_218SS_218 SS_219SS_219 SS_220SS_220 SS_221SS_221 SS_222SS_222 SS_223SS_223 SS_225SS_225 SS_224SS_224 SS_226SS_226 SS_227SS_227 SS_228SS_228

(Captured by Kirri) Curl curl beach clouds couple dogs family lagoon landscape leads panorama photographer pool rocks running sand splash sunrise walking water waves Wed, 24 Dec 2014 06:20:10 GMT
2uFitness On one of the hottest days this year, I had a fitness shoot booked!  Not the best conditions, but as troopers, we didn't let a little 45 degree heat stop us!  Tom and Taylor are personal trainers who were wanting some images for their website etc.  They are fantastic at it, as you can see!!  But here are some images of them in action!! :)  If you need some images taken for a website, please call me on 0419 006 267.

2uFitness_101_e_s2uFitness_101_e_s 2uFitness_102_e_s2uFitness_102_e_s 2uFitness_103_e_s2uFitness_103_e_s 2uFitness_104_e_s2uFitness_104_e_s 2uFitness_105_e_s2uFitness_105_e_s 2uFitness_106_e_s2uFitness_106_e_s 2uFitness_1072uFitness_107 2uFitness_1082uFitness_108 2uFitness_1092uFitness_109 2uFitness_1102uFitness_110 2uFitness_1112uFitness_111 2uFitness_1122uFitness_112 2uFitness_1132uFitness_113 2uFitness_1142uFitness_114 2uFitness_1152uFitness_115 2uFitness_1162uFitness_116 2uFitness_1172uFitness_117 2uFitness_1182uFitness_118 2uFitness_1192uFitness_119 2uFitness_1202uFitness_120 2uFitness_1212uFitness_121 2uFitness_1222uFitness_122 2uFitness_1232uFitness_123 2uFitness_1242uFitness_124 2uFitness_1252uFitness_125 2uFitness_1262uFitness_126 2uFitness_1272uFitness_127 2uFitness_1282uFitness_128 2uFitness_1292uFitness_129 2uFitness_1302uFitness_130 2uFitness_1312uFitness_131 2uFitness_1322uFitness_132 2uFitness_1332uFitness_133 2uFitness_1342uFitness_134 2uFitness_1352uFitness_135 2uFitness_1362uFitness_136 2uFitness_1372uFitness_137 2uFitness_1382uFitness_138 2uFitness_1392uFitness_139 2uFitness_1402uFitness_140 2uFitness_1412uFitness_141 2uFitness_1422uFitness_142 2uFitness_1432uFitness_143 2uFitness_1442uFitness_144 2uFitness_1452uFitness_145 2uFitness_1462uFitness_146 2uFitness_1472uFitness_147 2uFitness_1482uFitness_148

(Captured by Kirri) 2uFitness activity balls burpee class exercise fitness groups hills jumping kick muscle personal trainer photographer punch punching bag push-up race ropes running sit-ups squat stretch support taylor tom train weights Tue, 23 Dec 2014 11:26:16 GMT
Family While I was in Orange, I also did a family shoot!  Gemma was the makeup artist for our gorgeous girls, and she has a pretty gorgeous family herself, so we had some fun!  I think her baby girl might have had a little bit of fun with Mummy's bling!!!  (Scroll right to the bottom!). If you would like some family photos, please call me on 0419 006 267.

Fishlock_101Fishlock_101 Fishlock_102Fishlock_102 Fishlock_103Fishlock_103 Fishlock_104Fishlock_104 Fishlock_105Fishlock_105 Fishlock_106Fishlock_106 Fishlock_107Fishlock_107 Fishlock_108Fishlock_108 Fishlock_109Fishlock_109 Fishlock_110Fishlock_110 Fishlock_111Fishlock_111 Fishlock_112Fishlock_112 Fishlock_113Fishlock_113 Fishlock_114Fishlock_114 Fishlock_115Fishlock_115 Fishlock_116Fishlock_116 Fishlock_117Fishlock_117 Fishlock_118Fishlock_118 Fishlock_119Fishlock_119 Fishlock_120Fishlock_120 Fishlock_121Fishlock_121 Fishlock_122Fishlock_122 Fishlock_123Fishlock_123 Fishlock_124Fishlock_124 Fishlock_125Fishlock_125 Fishlock_126_2Fishlock_126_2 Fishlock_128Fishlock_128 Fishlock_129Fishlock_129 Fishlock_127Fishlock_127 Fishlock_130Fishlock_130 Fishlock_131Fishlock_131 Fishlock_132Fishlock_132 Fishlock_133Fishlock_133 Fishlock_134Fishlock_134 Fishlock_135Fishlock_135 Fishlock_136Fishlock_136 Fishlock_137Fishlock_137

(Captured by Kirri) Orange The Naughty Hen bling boots box boy brother couple cowboy crown dancer daughter family father fields girls grass heels hills mother photography purse sisters son sun vineyard Tue, 16 Dec 2014 11:49:13 GMT
Ashleigh While I was in Orange doing the glamour shoots, I had Gemma doing the lovely ladies' makeup, and Ashleigh doing their hair!  She did a fabulous job!  However, she also had a session of her own!  She was very brave and let me play around with new ideas, and her images came out absolutely amazing!!  Here are some of them.  I hope you enjoy them!  If you would like your own glamour shoot done, please call me on 0419 006 267! :)

Ashleigh_101Ashleigh_101 Ashleigh_102Ashleigh_102 Ashleigh_104Ashleigh_104 Ashleigh_105Ashleigh_105 Ashleigh_106Ashleigh_106 Ashleigh_107Ashleigh_107 Ashleigh_108Ashleigh_108 Ashleigh_109Ashleigh_109 Ashleigh_110Ashleigh_110 Ashleigh_112Ashleigh_112 Ashleigh_113Ashleigh_113 Ashleigh_114Ashleigh_114 Ashleigh_115Ashleigh_115 Ashleigh_116Ashleigh_116 Ashleigh_117Ashleigh_117 Ashleigh_118Ashleigh_118 Ashleigh_119Ashleigh_119 Ashleigh_120Ashleigh_120 Ashleigh_121Ashleigh_121 Ashleigh_122Ashleigh_122 Ashleigh_123Ashleigh_123 Ashleigh_124Ashleigh_124 Ashleigh_125Ashleigh_125 Ashleigh_126Ashleigh_126 Ashleigh_127Ashleigh_127 Ashleigh_128Ashleigh_128 Ashleigh_129Ashleigh_129 Ashleigh_130Ashleigh_130 Ashleigh_131Ashleigh_131 Ashleigh_132Ashleigh_132 Ashleigh_133Ashleigh_133 Ashleigh_138Ashleigh_138 Ashleigh_141Ashleigh_141 Ashleigh_142Ashleigh_142 Ashleigh_143Ashleigh_143 Ashleigh_144Ashleigh_144 Ashleigh_145Ashleigh_145 Ashleigh_146Ashleigh_146 Ashleigh_150_2Ashleigh_150_2 Ashleigh_151Ashleigh_151 Ashleigh_153Ashleigh_153 Ashleigh_154Ashleigh_154 Ashleigh_155Ashleigh_155

(Captured by Kirri) Hills LBD Orange Photographer The Naughty Hen bling boudoir corset dusk fields glamour hair headpiece heels makeup mirror nails pearls silhouette sunlight sunset tattoo vinery Sun, 14 Dec 2014 11:50:22 GMT
Margi Margi's family bought her a glamour shoot for her 55th birthday and we did her shoot on her actual birthday!  She was SO much fun!  She has such a spunky and cheeky personality, and the images show that.  I just loved the outfits she brought with her to use on the day.  Her daughter and granddaughter also came to the shoot so I couldn't help getting some photos with them too.  Thanks for being so much fun Margi!  What made it even more special, was I used to work with Margi 16 years ago!  She had no idea it was me who was the photographer!  I was awesome catching up with her and just laughing through our shoot!  Thanks Margi!  And to her family for such a great gift!

Margi_101Margi_101 Margi_102Margi_102 Margi_103Margi_103 Margi_104Margi_104 Margi_105Margi_105 Margi_107Margi_107 Margi_108Margi_108 Margi_109Margi_109 Margi_110Margi_110 Margi_111Margi_111 Margi_112Margi_112 Margi_114Margi_114 Margi_113Margi_113 Margi_115Margi_115 Margi_116Margi_116 Margi_117Margi_117 Margi_118Margi_118 Margi_119Margi_119 Margi_122Margi_122 Margi_123Margi_123 Margi_124Margi_124 Margi_125Margi_125 Margi_126Margi_126 Margi_127Margi_127 Margi_128Margi_128 Margi_129Margi_129 Margi_130Margi_130 Margi_131Margi_131 Margi_132Margi_132 Margi_133Margi_133 Margi_134Margi_134 Margi_136Margi_136 Margi_137Margi_137 Margi_138Margi_138 Margi_139Margi_139 Margi_140Margi_140 Margi_142Margi_142 Margi_143Margi_143 Margi_144Margi_144 Margi_145Margi_145 Margi_146Margi_146 Margi_141Margi_141 Margi_147Margi_147 Margi_148Margi_148

(Captured by Kirri) 2 generations 55 Margi Orange birthday boots cheeky daughter fishnet fun gift glamour glasses hills jacket laugh mother and daughter photographer pout present red dress spunk Sun, 23 Nov 2014 12:02:29 GMT
Bella B Bella B came to a glamour shoot with her mumma and grandma!  She was so cute I couldn't help but take some photos while grandma was still getting her hair and makeup done!  How gorgeous is she!  She didn't want to smile much, but she was still quite happy in front of the camera!!  Such a cutie pie!  If you would like some photos of your baby or toddler, call me on 0419 006 267 to arrange!


Bella_132Bella_132 Bella_101Bella_101 Bella_102Bella_102 Bella_103Bella_103 Bella_104Bella_104 Bella_105Bella_105 Bella_106Bella_106 Bella_107Bella_107 Bella_108_bwBella_108_bw Bella_109Bella_109 Bella_110Bella_110 Bella_111Bella_111 Bella_112Bella_112 Bella_113Bella_113 Bella_114Bella_114 Bella_116Bella_116 Bella_115Bella_115 Bella_117Bella_117 Bella_118Bella_118 Bella_119Bella_119 Bella_120Bella_120 Bella_121Bella_121 Bella_122Bella_122 Bella_123Bella_123 Margi_106Margi_106 Bella_124Bella_124 Bella_125Bella_125 Bella_126Bella_126 Bella_127Bella_127 Bella_128Bella_128 Bella_129Bella_129 Bella_130Bella_130 Bella_131Bella_131

(Captured by Kirri) 3 generations Orange baby box bubba cuddle glamour grandma grandmother hat hills iPhone kiss kisses mum mumma nanna photographer photos sunglasses sunnies toddler Sun, 23 Nov 2014 02:19:54 GMT
Caitlin Caitlin is a gorgeous young lady who has dreamed of having a glamour shoot for years.  The only problem is, she doesn't consider herself (a) gorgeous or (b) photogenic.  I could hardly believe it when she told me that!  We had a lot of fun doing this shoot, and while Caitlin started out a little nervous, that soon vanished when she saw how gorgeous the images were, and she finally started to see what others can see!!  It has been lovely to hear that she has seen herself differently since her shoot!  That is so awesome!  I want every woman to feel beautiful and amazing, because to me, you are all very special.  If you would like some photos taken of yourself, please contact me on 0419 006 267.

Caitlin_101Caitlin_101 Caitlin_102Caitlin_102 Caitlin_103Caitlin_103 Caitlin_104Caitlin_104 Caitlin_105Caitlin_105 Caitlin_106Caitlin_106 Caitlin_107Caitlin_107 Caitlin_108Caitlin_108 Caitlin_109Caitlin_109 Caitlin_110Caitlin_110 Caitlin_111Caitlin_111 Caitlin_112Caitlin_112 Caitlin_113Caitlin_113 Caitlin_114Caitlin_114 Caitlin_115Caitlin_115 Caitlin_116Caitlin_116 Caitlin_117Caitlin_117 Caitlin_118Caitlin_118 Caitlin_119Caitlin_119 Caitlin_120Caitlin_120 Caitlin_121Caitlin_121 Caitlin_122Caitlin_122 Caitlin_123Caitlin_123 Caitlin_124Caitlin_124 Caitlin_125Caitlin_125 Caitlin_127Caitlin_127 Caitlin_128Caitlin_128 Caitlin_129Caitlin_129 Caitlin_130Caitlin_130 Caitlin_131Caitlin_131 Caitlin_126Caitlin_126 Caitlin_132Caitlin_132 Caitlin_133Caitlin_133 Caitlin_134Caitlin_134 Caitlin_135Caitlin_135 Caitlin_136Caitlin_136 Caitlin_138Caitlin_138 Caitlin_139Caitlin_139 Caitlin_140Caitlin_140 Caitlin_141Caitlin_141 Caitlin_142Caitlin_142 Caitlin_143Caitlin_143 Caitlin_144Caitlin_144 Caitlin_145Caitlin_145 Caitlin_146Caitlin_146 Caitlin_147Caitlin_147 Caitlin_148Caitlin_148 Caitlin_149Caitlin_149 Caitlin_150Caitlin_150 Caitlin_151Caitlin_151 Caitlin_152Caitlin_152 Caitlin_153Caitlin_153 Caitlin_154Caitlin_154 Caitlin_155Caitlin_155 Caitlin_156Caitlin_156 Caitlin_157Caitlin_157 Caitlin_158Caitlin_158 Caitlin_159Caitlin_159 Caitlin_160Caitlin_160 Caitlin_161Caitlin_161 Caitlin_162Caitlin_162 Caitlin_163Caitlin_163 Caitlin_164Caitlin_164 Caitlin_165Caitlin_165 Caitlin_166Caitlin_166 Caitlin_169Caitlin_169 Caitlin_171Caitlin_171 Caitlin_172Caitlin_172 Caitlin_173Caitlin_173 Caitlin_174Caitlin_174 Caitlin_175Caitlin_175 Caitlin_176Caitlin_176 Caitlin_177Caitlin_177 Caitlin_178Caitlin_178 Caitlin_179Caitlin_179 Caitlin_180Caitlin_180 Caitlin_181Caitlin_181 Caitlin_183Caitlin_183 Caitlin_182Caitlin_182 Caitlin_184Caitlin_184 Caitlin_185Caitlin_185 Caitlin_186Caitlin_186 Caitlin_187Caitlin_187 Caitlin_188Caitlin_188 Caitlin_189Caitlin_189 Caitlin_190Caitlin_190 Caitlin_191Caitlin_191 Caitlin_193Caitlin_193 Caitlin_192Caitlin_192 Caitlin_194Caitlin_194 Caitlin_195Caitlin_195

(Captured by Kirri) Caitlin Canberra b&w bikini boots cowgirl flare garden glamour hat hills lounge mirror photographer pool red dress reflection roses sarong stunning sun sunglasses sunhat sunshine swimsuit wet hair Sun, 16 Nov 2014 10:38:36 GMT
Mia the Cat Well, I was asked to photograph something a little different to what I usually photograph, a cat!!  So, not shying away from a challenge I thought I would give it a go!!  What I found was a gorgeous cat with the same name as my daughter, and some similar personality traits!!  They both talk a lot, and don't want to miss out on the action.  Mia never strayed too far from where we were, and she always told us how she was feeling!!  She didn't like being picked up however and was affectionate in her own little way.  I had a blast taking her photos!  I hope you enjoy them Lisa!

Mia_101Mia_101 Mia_102Mia_102 Mia_103Mia_103 Mia_104Mia_104 Mia_105Mia_105 Mia_106Mia_106 Mia_107Mia_107 Mia_108Mia_108 Mia_109Mia_109 Mia_110Mia_110 Mia_111Mia_111 Mia_112Mia_112 Mia_113Mia_113 Mia_114Mia_114 Mia_115Mia_115 Mia_116Mia_116 Mia_117Mia_117 Mia_118Mia_118 Mia_119Mia_119 Mia_120Mia_120 Mia_121Mia_121 Mia_122Mia_122 Mia_124Mia_124 Mia_123Mia_123 Mia_125Mia_125 Mia_126Mia_126 Mia_127Mia_127 Mia_128Mia_128 Mia_129Mia_129 Mia_130Mia_130 Mia_131Mia_131 Mia_132Mia_132 Mia_133Mia_133 Mia_134Mia_134 Mia_135Mia_135 Mia_136Mia_136 Mia_137Mia_137 Mia_138Mia_138 Mia_139Mia_139 Mia_140Mia_140 Mia_141Mia_141 Mia_142Mia_142 Mia_143Mia_143 Mia_144Mia_144 Mia_145Mia_145 Mia_146Mia_146 Mia_147Mia_147 Mia_148Mia_148 Mia_149Mia_149 Mia_150Mia_150 Mia_151Mia_151 Mia_152Mia_152 Mia_153Mia_153 Mia_154Mia_154 Mia_155Mia_155 Mia_156Mia_156 Mia_157Mia_157 Mia_158Mia_158 Mia_159Mia_159 Mia_160Mia_160 Mia_161Mia_161 Mia_162Mia_162

(Captured by Kirri) B&W Canberra cat cat walk cuddles driveway eyes feeding food garden gardenia lick love meow pat path patting pets photography scratch tickle tongue toys walking Wed, 12 Nov 2014 12:19:04 GMT
BFF's My daughter Mia has known her BFF Lashantaye since they met when they were babies in the nursery room at child care.  They have grown up together, and since they were 4, they became absolute BFF's.  Mia absolutely adores Shantaye, and loves spending time with her.  They do dancing together, and we have many play dates.  Lashantaye's mum Amanda is my BFF, and we have been through a lot together.  Our families have combined together and all our kids are BFF's together.  Amanda's 4 children and my 3 children's BFFs.  I love seeing them all combine, and they have each others back, all the way.  The girls when they get together are just like mini teenagers, chatting away, telling each other secrets.  I love their friendship and seeing them together makes me smile.  So, I wanted to do a shoot for them together.  We went out to Scheyville National Park and these were the shots we got of them together.

If you would like some photos like these of your children, please contact me on 0419 006 267 to arrange a shoot!

BFF_101BFF_101 BFF_102_bwBFF_102_bw BFF_103BFF_103 BFF_104BFF_104 BFF_105BFF_105 BFF_106BFF_106 BFF_107BFF_107 BFF_108BFF_108 BFF_109BFF_109 BFF_110BFF_110 BFF_111BFF_111 BFF_112BFF_112 BFF_113BFF_113 BFF_114BFF_114 BFF_115BFF_115 BFF_116BFF_116 BFF_117BFF_117 BFF_118BFF_118 BFF_119_2BFF_119_2 BFF_120BFF_120 BFF_121BFF_121 BFF_122BFF_122 BFF_123BFF_123 BFF_124BFF_124 BFF_125_2BFF_125_2 BFF_126BFF_126 BFF_127BFF_127 BFF_128BFF_128 BFF_129BFF_129 BFF_130BFF_130 BFF_131BFF_131 BFF_132BFF_132 BFF_133BFF_133 BFF_134BFF_134 BFF_135BFF_135 BFF_136BFF_136 BFF_137BFF_137 BFF_138BFF_138 BFF_139BFF_139 BFF_140BFF_140 BFF_141BFF_141 BFF_142BFF_142 BFF_143BFF_143 BFF_144BFF_144

(Captured by Kirri) BFF arch attitude b&w black and white boots cartwheel chat classroom door doorway friends friendship girls grass hat hug laugh love scheyville national park school secrets shed sitting sun sun flare tennis umpire chair whisper Mon, 20 Oct 2014 01:10:48 GMT
Tayla's Glamour Shoot I did another glamour shoot last weekend, this time for the gorgeous Tayla!  It wasn't hard to make her look tall, thin and beautiful, as that is what she is naturally!  I hope you like your images Tayla!! :)


Tayla_101Tayla_101 Tayla_102Tayla_102 Tayla_103Tayla_103 Tayla_104Tayla_104 Tayla_105Tayla_105 Tayla_106Tayla_106 Tayla_107Tayla_107 Tayla_110Tayla_110 Tayla_111Tayla_111 Tayla_112Tayla_112 Tayla_113Tayla_113 Tayla_114Tayla_114 Tayla_115Tayla_115 Tayla_116Tayla_116 Tayla_117Tayla_117 Tayla_118Tayla_118 Tayla_119Tayla_119 Tayla_120Tayla_120 Tayla_121Tayla_121 Tayla_122Tayla_122 Tayla_122_2Tayla_122_2 Tayla_123Tayla_123 Tayla_124Tayla_124 Tayla_126Tayla_126 Tayla_127Tayla_127 Tayla_128Tayla_128 Tayla_129Tayla_129 Tayla_130Tayla_130 Tayla_131Tayla_131 Tayla_133Tayla_133 Tayla_134Tayla_134 Tayla_135Tayla_135 Tayla_136Tayla_136 Tayla_138Tayla_138 Tayla_140Tayla_140 Tayla_141Tayla_141 Tayla_142Tayla_142 Tayla_143Tayla_143 Tayla_144Tayla_144 Tayla_145Tayla_145 Tayla_147Tayla_147 Tayla_149Tayla_149 Tayla_150Tayla_150 Tayla_152Tayla_152 Tayla_151Tayla_151 Tayla_153Tayla_153 Tayla_155Tayla_155 Tayla_156Tayla_156

(Captured by Kirri) Orange Tayla bangle bed black & white boudoir chair colour dress friend glamour heels hills jacket jewellery leather pants lipgloss model photographer smile Fri, 17 Oct 2014 12:21:17 GMT
Gemma's Glamour Shoot I did a glamour shoot for the stunning Gemma.  She has worked really hard to lose a lot of weight, however she still sees herself as her old weight, not what she is now.  I wanted her to feel beautiful, look beautiful and finally see what every one else can see.  Gemma is a very talented beautician and make up artist, so it was lovely to see her spending time on making herself as stunning as she makes her client.  If you would like your own photos like these, please contact me!!

Gemma_101Gemma_101 Gemma_102Gemma_102 Gemma_103Gemma_103 Gemma_104Gemma_104 Gemma_105Gemma_105 Gemma_106Gemma_106 Gemma_108Gemma_108 Gemma_107Gemma_107 Gemma_109Gemma_109 Gemma_110Gemma_110 Gemma_111Gemma_111 Gemma_112Gemma_112 Gemma_113Gemma_113 Gemma_114Gemma_114 Gemma_115Gemma_115 Gemma_117Gemma_117 Gemma_118Gemma_118 Gemma_119Gemma_119 Gemma_120Gemma_120 Gemma_121Gemma_121 Gemma_122Gemma_122 Gemma_123Gemma_123 Gemma_124Gemma_124 Gemma_125Gemma_125 Gemma_126Gemma_126 Gemma_127Gemma_127 Gemma_128Gemma_128 Gemma_129Gemma_129 Gemma_130Gemma_130 Gemma_131Gemma_131 Gemma_132Gemma_132 Gemma_133Gemma_133 Gemma_134Gemma_134 Gemma_138Gemma_138 Gemma_139Gemma_139 Gemma_140Gemma_140 Gemma_141Gemma_141 Gemma_142Gemma_142 Gemma_143Gemma_143 Gemma_144Gemma_144 Gemma_145Gemma_145

(Captured by Kirri) 50's Black & white Gemma Gems Gems Beauty Orange Sydney bed bling boots boudoir bright cleavage colour cowgirl eyelashes eyes flower glamour glitter hair hair extensions hat heels lingerie makeup mirror petals photograph rainbow red sparkle stunning tattoo tule Wed, 08 Oct 2014 11:46:33 GMT
Little Wish Parties Today I photographed the setup of a 2 year old's birthday party which was styled by Little Wish Parties.  Michelle created a 1950's Rock 'n' Roll party and did an AMAZING job, as you can see from the images!  I hope you enjoy the images.

LittleWishParties_1001LittleWishParties_1001 LittleWishParties_1002LittleWishParties_1002 LittleWishParties_1003LittleWishParties_1003 LittleWishParties_1004LittleWishParties_1004 LittleWishParties_1005LittleWishParties_1005 LittleWishParties_1006LittleWishParties_1006 LittleWishParties_1007LittleWishParties_1007 LittleWishParties_1008LittleWishParties_1008 LittleWishParties_1009LittleWishParties_1009 LittleWishParties_1010LittleWishParties_1010 LittleWishParties_1011LittleWishParties_1011 LittleWishParties_1012LittleWishParties_1012 LittleWishParties_1013LittleWishParties_1013 LittleWishParties_1014LittleWishParties_1014 LittleWishParties_1015LittleWishParties_1015 LittleWishParties_1016LittleWishParties_1016 LittleWishParties_1017LittleWishParties_1017 LittleWishParties_1018LittleWishParties_1018 LittleWishParties_1019LittleWishParties_1019 LittleWishParties_1020LittleWishParties_1020 LittleWishParties_1021LittleWishParties_1021 LittleWishParties_1022LittleWishParties_1022 LittleWishParties_1023LittleWishParties_1023 LittleWishParties_1024LittleWishParties_1024 LittleWishParties_1025LittleWishParties_1025 LittleWishParties_1027LittleWishParties_1027 LittleWishParties_1028LittleWishParties_1028 LittleWishParties_1029LittleWishParties_1029 LittleWishParties_1030LittleWishParties_1030 LittleWishParties_1031LittleWishParties_1031 LittleWishParties_1033LittleWishParties_1033 LittleWishParties_1034LittleWishParties_1034 LittleWishParties_1035LittleWishParties_1035