Does having your photograph taken make you nervous!? If it does you are quite normal! It’s a strange concept really because we all know what we look like; we stare in the mirror several times a day and catch glimpses of ourselves reflected in shiny windows as we go about our daily rounds.

Photographs, though, are much more personal. Will I look fat or thin? Do I look almost as old as my mother? Will I look happy even though I am really sad? – these are some of the common and very real concerns that we ask ourselves when a photographer is about to click.

I understand all of those feelings and my primary aim is to put you at ease so I can capture who you really are. You are unique and special to me, and no doubt to many who will see your finished photo in a small frame, a large print, or meeting their eyes from the pages of a magazine. I make you feel special from the moment I meet you because you are.

If you are looking for a passionate, inspiring and emotional photographer that puts her heart and soul into your photo shoot – here I am!